Chappell Cruises and Travel is very excited that you are considering a “Cruising for a Cause” fundraiser to
help raise funds for your organization. “Cruising for a Cause” will help raise funds to accomplish your
mission and increase awareness for worthwhile causes. It would be our pleasure to aid in making memories with
a charitable experience through at-sea adventures.

Chappell Cruises and Travel is available to meet with you and your organization to go over details.
Everyone loves traveling and cruises are always in season which makes this a great opportunity
to start the fundraising process. We are confident that your organization
will benefit from “Cruising for a Cause”, and we look forward to working with you!

What your organization need to do?

Choose a ship/date

Promote the cruise vacation to your supporters/family/friends

Endorse the exciting destinations they will have the opportunity to visit and supporting a great cause

Pump up some of the activities: dancing, dining, sight-seeing, water sports, shopping, and much more
aboard the ship

Contact a Chappell Cruises and Travel agent today @ 770-257-7008 to start “Cruising for a Cause”

What we to do?

Generate email marketing with the provided list of supporters/family/friends

Create advertising flyers for promotion

Chappell Cruises and Travel will handle the booking/reservation/payments/questions


You need to get away? We will help you discover great voyages from exotic tropical destination, luxury and adventurous cruise, ski resort of the highest slope or history of ancient Rome.

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