Traveling as a family is essential in building lasting memories, one family vacation at a time. You may have infants, toddlers, teens, grandparents or all of the above, we can help direct you to a vacation.  Whether a fabulous house on the beach, an all-inclusive family resort for the ultimate stress-free getaway, or a Caribbean cruise with the grandparents, family travel specialist make all journeys unforgettable. Chappell Cruises and Travel is a family-owned, full service travel agency specializing in group and family vacations.  We are here to help families discover what is possible by showing the world one adventure at a time! 

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Don’t forget anything before venturing on your discoveries of new experiences with different cultures, landscapes, languages and customs while creating bonds and strengthening relationships.  

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Review the tips to ease the stress of traveling.

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Set vacation expectations: Budget, When, Where, How & Purpose – This will ensure everyone is on the same page.

Consider an all-inclusive vacation: cruise or destination – This will allow more time to explore by eliminating meal prep & grocery shopping; all you do is agree on a time to meet to eat.

Create Safety Game Plan Before Leaving – If you are traveling outside of the country & do not speak the language, make sure each family member has a business card or brochure of the hotel displaying address & phone number in the local language. It is also good to establish a “safe place”.

Maintain Family Traditions Away from Home – Keep your routines, whether it’s having dinner together or reading a book with your kids before bed or having coffee with your spouse before the kids are up.

View travel insurance choices – it is also a good idea to view the right travel insurance for upcoming travel.

Let us help you plan – Chappell Cruises & Travel, Inc are a valuable resource to help organize all of your itinerary details. This will allow you & your family to spend time relaxing, bonding & exploring new adventures!

Organize and get ready for adventure! Use the checklist to make sure your family is ready before heading out.

General List

  • Car Cash: You may come across toll roads.  Keep spare change in a coin purse or old mint tin;
  • Bags (Grocery/Trash): Use for trash or any accidents that may occur;
  • Paper towels/Tissue/Wipes;
  • Pack dry or portable snacks to hold over until meal stop;
  • Cooler: Store cold drinks or fresh/portable food items;
  • Travel-friendly drink containers like a Yeti or stainless steel cup;

Car Safety DIY Checklist

  • Have a mechanic check your car before a trip
  • Equip car with emergency equipment: tire jack, iron, spare & flares
  • Check lights and turn signals
  • Check tire pressure
  • Get oil change
  • Check fluids
  • Input destination in Navigation system & print if possible – sometime you may lose signal

I love bags especially when they are durable, well designed and washable [or disposable].  They help me stay organized and pack efficiently.

Top “6” bags when traveling with kids!

  1. Backpack:  good as a carry-on; roomy compartments for water bottles, laptop, books or double as diaper bag
  2. Ziploc bag: to pack dry snacks, wet items or use as COVID-19 travel kit (extra masks, hand sanitizer, disinfectant/wet wipes and thermometer)
  3. Grocery (plastic bag): used for trash or any accidents that may occur
  4. Cross body bag: to keep vital documents, wallet, lip balm and cell phone; a great hands-free option
  5. Packing cubes: help keep luggage organized and group similar items together i.e. bag for undies, outfits or 1st aid kit
  6. Laundry bag: folds up compactly – keep dirty clothes away from clean one; also make it easy to unpack once you get home just unload the laundry and dump in the washer/hamper



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