Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

Chappell Cruises and Travel, Inc. has defined our corporate social responsibility as a sense of social accountability and responsibility concerning the community and environment in which we operate. Travel has a way to give travelers a different perspective, change travelers conjecture and dissolve boundaries leaving a positive imprint.  

As a company, Chappell Cruises and Travel, Inc. has taking our responsibilities to the environment, local communities, vendors and independent consultants very serious and determined to execute improvements.  We connect with vendors that have a strong CSR policy and do utmost to make a difference.  We have a positive impact on the community by encouraging volunteer efforts and making charitable contributions to religious organizations and non-profits.  

A major charitable affair is Cruising for a Cause! is a charitable experience through at-sea adventures to increase awareness and raise funds for the organization.  We are passionate about crafting a work environment which is supportive, empowering, and fun for the independent consultants.  We also offer flexible work schedules and committed to work/life balance


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